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One-One Coaching

Creating space to be human & multidimensional

Our sessions are inspired by Sonny from the Lived Experience Studio. They explain, sessions together are collaborative and we work together to clarify goals and define how you can reach them. It is a safe space to share and make sense of your story, while gaining hope, understanding, information, skills, support and connection. Sessions embody choice and empowerment and you will be supported along your journey without judgement.

Amanda is a lived-experience Mental Health Coach offering insight and holding space for anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, trauma, grief/loss, chronic illness (Achalasia), chronic pain, HSP, Indigo, Starseed and healing through reconnection with nature.


Are you ready to explore your being & gain self-awareness, understanding & direction?

Are you ready to live in harmony?
Are you ready to explore your mind, body and soul?
Are you restless and ready to let go of what is not working?
Are you feeling called to understand who you are and why you are here?
Are you ready to do the work?
Are you ready to invest in yourself?
There is a reason you are here right now

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  • Feeling relaxed & safe within your body

  • Knowing exactly how to control your worry

  • Relieving your anxiety without medication

  • Allowing your mind & body to rest

  • Experiencing quality, deep sleep

  • Managing your energy 

  • Feeling more grounded 

  • Setting clear boundaries 

  • Identifying limiting beliefs​

  • Meeting your True Self 

  • Aligning your inner & outer world


Ways we can collaborate

Crystal Healing
Energy Healing
Sleep Hygiene
Nature Therapy
Sensory Environment
Time Management
Shadow Work
Art Therapy

+ More

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One-One Coaching

Sliding Scale: $0 - $150 (See guide below)

60 Minutes/Session— Single, Recurring or as needed

This is my personal guide below to help you assess what may feel right to you:

$0 for Black, Transgender Folks & Sex Workers

$20 - $30 You may have a hard time paying rent & basic bills each month

$40 - $60 You may regularly pay rent & basic bills each month

$70 - $90 You may regularly pay rent/ basic bills every month as well as eat out and/or shop for "non-essentials" at least once a week, on average

$100 - $150 You may regularly pay rent/basic bills every month, eat out and shop for "non-essentials" frequently/whenever you want to and can take vacations virtually whenever you want

It can feel vulnerable to self-determine positionality within a sliding scale structure. Please know that I fully trust you to make a decision that you feel genuinely good about. All amounts on this scale feel meaningful to me.


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