Hi, I'm Amanda!

Lived Experience & Trauma-Informed


I'm an Intuitive Mentor, Housing & Community Outreach Worker & Spiritual Psychotherapy student with 7+ years of professional psychospiritual healing experience. 

I tend to take the non-traditional route in just about every journey in my life including mental health & wellbeing. I've been on my own transformational journey of physical health, inner peace & energetic alignment for over a decade. My passion is helping women achieve what I have in an accessible, affordable & natural way.

My membership framework comes from a place of lived experience. My values include community care, peer support, natural healing & human connection.

As someone who identifies as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Indigo & Starseed, I have spent my time on Earth navigating how to stay in harmony while processing the world around me. I believe in advocating for sensitivity as a superpower & reminding you why you are here!

Sessions are all about normalizing the human experience, clarifying your personal goals & advocating/consulting how to collaborate together to achieve harmony for you in a psychospiritual framework. 

I have lived experience with anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, addiction, chronic illness (Achalasia) & chronic pain. 

I hope to do my part in offering accessible, affordable, inclusive offerings & welcome any feedback, call outs & suggestions for improvement. 

My own experience and my passion for helping others is what has lead me to create Lavender Tusk. The name means Feminine Awakening.

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To read more about my story, check out my published blog post on TGCW.