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Mental Health Retreats

Coming Soon!

Lavender Tusk will be offering Mental Health Retreats a few times a year. You can think of them as "rest" retreats! An opportunity to get away, in whatever capacity you need to.

They center the 9 types of rest:

• Time away

• Permission to not be helpful

• Something "unproductive"

• Connection to art & nature

• Solitude to recharge

• A break from responsibility

• Stillness to decompress

• Safe space

• Alone time

What does the retreat look like:

  • Accommodations at cottage in Ontario, Canada

  • Natural, Private Setting

  • All Meals Included

  • Co-ed & Women's only

  • These are sober events

Optional included offerings:

• Outdoor Movement

• Art Therapy

• Cacao Ceremonies

• Bonfires

This retreat is for YOU. There is no itinerary (other than scheduled meal times). The time & space is yours.

Do you need to soak up the sun? Do you need to read a book? Do you need to dance in the kitchen? Sing in the shower? Do you need to laugh with like-minded souls? Cry? Do you need to meditate in the woods? Do you need to paint? Do you need to just do nothing?

What type of rest do you need?

P.S we will also be hosting day retreats at our farm office location throughout the Spring-Fall!

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