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Energy Body (Chakra) Self Assessment

Self Assessment

Are you ready to become aware of your psychological imbalances and how they are affecting your body so you can come back to yourself?

A collection of Energy Body introductions, checklists & journal prompts to bring self-awareness to your energetic being & dive deeper to take accountability for bringing yourself back into energetic alignment.

The Energy Body Self Assessment includes an opportunity to explore 7 Energy Bodies within your energetic being. 

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7 Day Nervous System Reset

7 Day Program

Are you ready to rest?

A 7 Day Program that includes recipes & daily prompts to bring your mind, body & soul back to calm. Use this program to reset your nervous system & gain self-awareness on where you need to focus your energy moving forward.

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Boundaries 101

9 Week Course

What would it feel like to make yourself a priority?

What would it feel like to have space and time just for you? To not be last on your own to-do list? Imagine doing this all without guilt?

Creating boundaries in your life is not just about saying no. (Okay, that's a part of it). Setting boundaries is also about getting to know yourself, all of your selves, and listening to your own inner wisdom.

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Highly Sensitive Harmony

21 Day Program

What would it feel like to use your sensitivity as a superpower?

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or Empath? Maybe you are just someone interested in aligning your energy. 

Reclaim your power through this 21 Day Program that will teach you how to work with your sensitivities to take accountability for energetic interactions, create healthy and balanced relationships and come back into energetic harmony.

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Me, My Soul & I

9 Week Course

What would it feel like to meet your True Self?

What would it feel like to gain self-awareness about who you are? This course is all about understanding your inner world, thoughts and having the courage to dive deeper.

This course allows you to become aware of where you are and where you want to make shifts in your life. Reclaim your power and come back into alignment so you can live your TRUTH!