Frequently Asked Questions

All About Lavender Tusk

What is Lavender Tusk?

Lavender Tusk is a Mental Health Studio offering coaching, courses, membership & retreats. Our office is located on 100 acres in Brant, ON. We offer in person and virtual offerings.

What does Lavender Tusk mean?

Lavender Tusk means Feminine Awakening. Lavender, an unconventional colour with a slightly feminine touch, embodies creativity, optimism & open-mindedness. Tusk, in reference to the sacred elephant, represents mental strength & awakening. Thank you for being here!

Are you a therapist?

No! I'm a Spiritual Psychotherapy student. The coaching framework I offer comes from lived experience, peer support & a trauma-informed perspective.

What is the difference between coaching & therapy?

  • Coaching is not a medical model

  • No mental health evaluation will be given and clinical therapeutic services will not be offered

  • No medical diagnosis will be offered

  • High risk needs and concerns are not appropriate for the coaching level of services (if you're unsure, just ask)

  • No medical record will be kept (i.e. treatment plan, treatment notes, etc.)

  • A basic file will be kept including general client information, general notes and goals currently collaborating on

  • Coaching is available in person or virtual anywhere in the world

What's the difference between talking to you or my best friend or family?

Having friends and family in your support team is important! There may be experiences, emotions and beliefs that may not feel comfortable, appropriate or safe to share with those on your team. We are here to support you as you explore all aspects of being human and listen without judgment or expectations.

I've never talked to someone & I'm used to handling things on my own. Does reaching out make me weak?

Check out this blog post about why seeking help doesn't make you weak. Click here

How does it work? What do I have to do in session?

Our first session together is about collaborating and getting clear on the goals you want to achieve. We will create a plan to achieve the outcomes you want. While we will create a plan, it is flexible and can change throughout our time together. Sessions are here to empower you and we can decide what learning style works best for you. This can mean just listening in session and doing homework on your own or this could mean working together in session. Sessions can be single, recurring or as needed. Ways we can collaborate.

What about medications?

It is not an issue if you are currently taking medication.

How often do I have to attend sessions?

Your choice! Everyone is different. This could look like 4, 8 or 12 sessions, or just 1. This could be weekly or biweekly. We can collaborate on what works best for your schedule and you don't need to commit to a particular day or time.

Do you accept insurance?

Insurance is not accepted at this time.

How do I schedule a session?

Once we have connected and discussed if coaching is right for you, you will be sent information on how to book your first session.

Do you have a waitlist?

Currently accepting new clients!

How much does coaching cost?

We offer sliding scale coaching from $0-$150. Please check out our guide for more information. You do not need proof of income, a referral or a Mental Health Care Plan to access our offerings.

How do I pay?

All payments will be processed through Stripe using debit or credit.

Do you charge cancellation fees?

I do not charge cancellation fees! They can be a barrier and I believe in providing each other mutual respect and understanding. As someone will their own challenges, while unliklely, I may also need to reschedule so I want to offer you that same courtesy.

Is the first session a free consultation?

The first session is not free. You can book a free ~20 minute phone call with me to discuss if coaching is right for you. The first session helps to start building our trust and relationship and clarify the goals you want to acheive moving forward.

Can you refer me to a therapist near me?

Unfortunately, no. Friends and family can be a great place to start when looking for a therapist! Also check out your local city resources for other offerings like coaching, peer support and groups.

Do you have insurance as a professional;?



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